Video Production

My History as a Videographer

Tony Lee Glenn shooting videoI’ve been producing video professionally since 1997, when Christian Tours (then my employer) asked me to digitize and edit analog videos from a huge travel library. We made sales and safety videos to play on the VCRs on tour buses, reunion tour videos, and videos to help train tour directors. I edited with Adobe Premiere (I can’t even remember what version it was back then). I suppose I was one of the first people outside of the broadcast industry to regularly edit digital video in the state of North Carolina.

In 2002 I began working with Blue Ridge HealthCare, an affiliate of Carolinas HealthCare System. Originally we didn’t do much with video, but soon, as internet bandwidth began to increase and digital codecs began to improve, I found myself working more and more with video and less and less with print.

It was clear by 2005 that video would soon dominate the web – especially with the advent of the excellent h.264 codec. Both in my day job and my freelance work, demand for instructional and promotional video began to explode. I estimate that over the years I’ve worked on well over 2,500 video projects.

My Present as a Videographer

I currently use a variety of high definition camcorders (1080p up to 4K) to capture quality videos. I use Adobe Creative Suite software for editing, animating, compositing and sound crafting. Primarily I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014, Adobe After Effects CC 2014, Adobe Audition CC 2014 and Digital Juice StackTraxx & other compositing tools.

I have broad experience with videography in the following areas (click links to view YouTube playlists):

I’m experienced using rolling dolly, steadicam, crane and pole-cam configurations to move camera gear in exciting and interesting ways. I’m constantly experimenting with new, cutting-edge gear and techniques.

To experience my crazy little world as a videographer you might just want to browse my YouTube Channel.

Here is a playlist  that includes only a few of my corporate videos. I wrote, shot, edited and produced all of these.

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