Training and how-to videos have always been far tougher to shoot and edit than I originally expected. If you are trying to capture your own so-called “expertise” you’ll be amazed at how vague and unfocused you can appear on video. I’m forevermore leaving out key points or somehow coming off ambiguous when I think I’ve made a point crystal clear. On the other end of the spectrum are the moments when I realize I’m using too much jargon and tech-talk – possibly talking over the head of the viewer, or taking for granted that they know certain facts.

It’s important to be critical – to watch your playback through the eyes of a person who knows little or nothing about the subject matter. I strive to get to the point  simply and quickly – to keep it short and simple.

Below are a few “how-to” videos I’ve produced. Some are my own, some I’ve done for other clients. Hopefully they are effective. Using titles to illuminate and elaborate is always helpful – and being helpful, not being a know-it-all, is the ultimate goal.

Note: Roll you mouse over the video above and on the lower left you’ll find a “next” button (looks like this: >| ). Press it to advance to the next video in the playlist.