InDesign Tutorials

Free Adobe InDesign Lessons

Here are some collected tutorials I’ve created for Adobe InDesign. I’ll be doing a full lineup of systematic tutorials in September, 2014.

Adobe InDesign Easy Start (CS5 Version) – Lesson 1 – Text, Photos, Formatting, Colors – 2016 edition

This should get you off the ground running fast with Adobe InDesign. I’m using the CS5 version, but all of this will work for most older versions. This shows simply how to get text and photos on a page – which is the main goal anyway, isn’t it? You’ll learn the basics of text and paragraph formatting, photo resizing and cropping, applying strokes / borders, editing colors and more.

How to make Web-Ready, Press, and Print PDFs with Adobe InDesign CS6

A tutorial about how to use Adobe InDesign CS6 and Adobe Illustrator CS6 to create nice looking web ready, print ready and press ready PDFs. I show how you can use vector art backgrounds instead of raster or pixel-based backgrounds to reduce file size for quick download.