While shopping at our local Wal-Mart my wife Nikki noticed some really nice and substantial oak wine barrels for sale (about $100). She thought we should buy them to use as plant stands at the front entrance to our house. Previously we had two scraggly looking Leyland cypress trees to the left and right of our front porch, and the barrels, along with whatever plant or flower Nikki wanted to choose for the season, would replace the trees.

I dug up the stumps of the trees, leveled the ground, spread a bout a 3-inch-thick layer of rocks to allow for drainage, and leveling of the barrels, then placed them in position. Nikki currently is displaying ferns on the barrels, but plans to change the display as various flowers come into season. We think this makes for a nice, rustic and changeable way to spruce up the entrance to our home.

Here’s a YouTube video that shows the transformation: