Tony Lee Glenn with his Hohner Acoustic Guitar

Tony Lee Glenn with his Hohner Acoustic Guitar in 2009

Audio Editing and Musical Projects

I’ve been recording digital and analog audio for broadcast and music production since 1983. As a multi-instrument musician I started with 4-track analog recording while in college, learning the basics of mic positioning, compression/effects/mixing, etc., eventually moving to digital multi-track when the technology became available.

Today I mostly use Adobe Audition CS6, Sound Booth, Digital Juice Juicer, Ableton, and Cakewalk’s Sonar to create musical montages, radio spots, and audio mixes for video production.

To hear some of the old music I wrote and recorded in the late 1990’s with country/rock/blues band Heapin’ Helpin’ visit my Reverbnation site here.

Here are some samples of radio spots I’ve written and recorded:

Cardiology Spot – You’re Heart Is Telling The Truth (I play the Joe character)

Sounds of Fitness – (Recorded all sound effects at Phifer Wellness & wrote and performed original music)

Joint Commission – Orthopedic Surgery

Alex Bell – Kings Mountain Hospital Excellence

XOFT – Advanced Radiation Therapy at Cleveland County HealthCare System –  30-Second Version –  60-Second Version

Diamondback 360 Device for Peripheral Artery Disease at Cleveland Regional Medical Center – 30-Second Version – 60-Second Version

Here are links to a few YouTube playlists that feature me playing music:

Tony’s Musical Explorations

Blues Journey with Tony Lee Glenn

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