Great Low Cost Laptop for Editing Video

Toshiba S55t Laptop PC for video editingI use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 to edit my GoPro and Canon videos for my YouTube video blogging. At home I have a powerful desktop with solid-state hard drive and 32 gigs of RAM – but when I’m on the road I need a nice, dependable and fairly powerful laptop to edit, render and upload my videos. Oh yes – and I’m not rich, so I can’t spend a bundle. What to buy?

After a good bit of research, I chose the Toshiba Satellite S55t, which I purchased on sale at Staples in Morganton, NC. For $799 it came with a nice touch-screen, 12 gigs of RAM (plenty it turns out for Premiere Pro editing), Windows 8.1, a core i7 4510U processor and a decent back-lit keyboard.

I can edit all of the GoPro Hero3 video formats, and the render speeds are actually pretty snappy (better than I expected).

Downsides . . . well the keyboard is a little plasticky and cheap feeling, but not terrible by any means. The display could be a bit brighter, but it’s within acceptable parameters for color and contrast adjustments to video. The size and weight are a bit larger and heavier than the elegant Apple options – but all-in-all this is a great buy. Here’s my video review:

Here’s a link to the PC on Staples Website:

Here’s a link to this laptop on Staples’ website:

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