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Graphic Design by Tony Lee Glenn

Tony Lee Glenn - January, 2013I’ve worked in print design since the early 1990’s and continue to create catalogs, calendars, large format graphics for trade shows & billboards, brochures and other materials in my freelance work, and day job with Blue Ridge HealthCare and Cleveland County HealthCare System.

I began working in web design in 1996, and to date have developed over 400 sites for varied clients.

The gallery below shows examples of print and web designs. Click on any image to visit an expandable gallery where you can look more closely at examples of my work.

Software & services I use for Web Design: Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2014, Adobe Photoshop CC 2014, WordPress, Sothink Widgets, Wow-slider, Flash Vortex, Adobe Media Encoder & others. Here are a few of the websites I’ve built and continue to maintain:

I can’t say I think the design is always the greatest – but it’s always what the client wants . . . and in the end that’s what matters, especially if the end result is more business.

Software I use for Print Design: Adobe InDesign CC 2014, Adobe Illustrator CC 2014, Adobe Photoshop CC 2014. I was formerly a hard-core Quark Xpress user, and am still familiar with that editing package.

I recommend the services of Roger Teague (RT Services) an old friend who always finds the best prices and quality in printing services. Call him if you have a print job that needs quoting – 828-310-1428. You’ll thank me later!

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