My wife Nikonya has an outstanding, soulful singing voice. I don’t say this just as her husband because I love her. If I barely knew her and was looking for a lead singer for my band, I’d hire her in a heartbeat.

But Nikki is very shy about sharing her talent. She’s humble, overly self-critical and self-conscious. ¬†Convincing her to pick up the mic and cut loose is difficult. But from time to time she overcomes the hangups and shines her light.

I must confess it’s been a tough puzzle to solve – coming to an understanding of what convinces her to drop the inhibitions. Sometimes it’s a stern reminder that God has given her a gift that can be taken away if not used. Sometimes it’s after a good, stress-free day, when she’s in an upbeat mood. Sometimes it’s when she know’s I’ve had a particularly hard day, and need my own lift that she knows her voice can provide.

Maybe you have a person in your life who is reluctant to share their talents or special gifts. This blog posting is perhaps more for my benefit than yours. Let’s open a discussion about how to reach these gifted individuals who hesitate to make the world brighter with their talents.