I love it that with modern digital tools you can make cool rhythm sounds out of virtually any sound. Today I played around with a Morton salt box, tapping, scratching and shaking it in different ways to create a fun and fast little experimental beat.

With a good audio editing program like Adobe Audition CC you can shift the octave of sounds, boost the gain, compress the signal and add some reverb that can transform even the simplest percussive audio into something heavy and interesting.

In my own musical compositions I’m going to start finding unusual materials and objects to beat on to create the drum lines. The sky’s the limit with what unique tones we can create to produce musically satisfying underpinnings for our guitars and other traditional musical instruments.

If you are out there beating on something other than drums to create your rhythms, send me a link. I’d love to help you share it with the world.

Peace – TLG.