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Will the GoPro Die?

Is the GoPro Losing So Much Ground It Will Become Irrelevant? GoPro Hero4 on a Wasabi Clutch Battery Handle I've been using GoPro Hero4 and GoPro Hero3 cameras for over 4 years now. Probably no other video capture device has transformed the way I shoot, and ultimately edit and share video than the [...]

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Most Awesome Place in the Eastern USA – Linville Gorge, NC

I've traveled a good bit from Maine down to the Florida Keys - from the Great Smoky Mountains to Niagara Falls - from the New River Gorge to the highest of of the Black Mountains, but nowhere is more awesome in the Eastern United States than Linville Gorge - The Grand Canyon of the East. [...]

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DJI Phantom 3 Video – How Good Is The Video

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Video - A dream to edit and color grade with Premiere Pro CC 2015 I am having great fun editing video from the new DJI Phantom 3 quad copter. I don't own one, but have a good friend who does, and we've been jaunting about getting nice samples of 4K and [...]

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Soundtrack Production with the Yamaha MX49

Using the Yamaha MX49 for Soundtrack Production Although I'm best know in musical circles as a guitarist and bassist, I am also a dabbler in keyboard composition. Recently I purchased the impressive Yamaha MX49, an affordable synth with over 1000 sounds taken from the amazing Motif synthesizer line. This fantastic compact keyboard has great tones, [...]

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Rathbun House

Here's a visit to the Rathbun House

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Oscar Schmidt OE20 Gold Top Les Paul Review

I remember the first time I bought an Oscar Schmidt guitar back in 2006. It was the ES335-styled OE30. I purchased it for $149 and remember thinking as I clicked the "buy" button, that I had probably just taken a chance on a steaming heap of junk. But man, did the photos of it look [...]

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Great Low Cost Laptop for Editing Video

I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 to edit my GoPro and Canon videos for my YouTube video blogging. At home I have a powerful desktop with solid-state hard drive and 32 gigs of RAM - but when I'm on the road I need a nice, dependable and fairly powerful laptop to edit, render and [...]

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Top 10 Cool Things About America

Here are my personal Top 10 things that are still cool about America: Here''s the video version for those who don't care to read: Land of Dreams – I’m not saying it’s the land where dreams come true – but it is a land where you can try anything. Whatever you want to be, you can [...]

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Making your GoPro Video Look Great on YouTube

Have you ever gone out and shot your awesome GoPro Hero3 video at 60 frames per second 1080p, offloaded it to your computer, viewed it in all it's glory . . . then uploaded it to YouTube and it looked like crap? I have, and it's certainly frustrating. What causes all the blockyness and blurriness? [...]

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Getting a talented, but shy singer to sing

My wife Nikonya has an outstanding, soulful singing voice. I don't say this just as her husband because I love her. If I barely knew her and was looking for a lead singer for my band, I'd hire her in a heartbeat. But Nikki is very shy about sharing her talent. She's humble, overly self-critical [...]

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