Tony Lee Glenn - 2012I’m a video production, graphic design & photography professional residing in Western North Carolina. My clients are large corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, entertainers & musical performers, churches and other various entities.

Since the early 1990s I’ve worked in progressively more challenging graphics & audio/visual positions. My professional journey has required me to develop a unique skill-set in the advertising, marketing & public relations arena. I’m a communications specialist equally adept at print design, web development, videography, photography, audio & music production, writing, planning, project oversight & more.

Apart from my day job in healthcare marketing, I operate a successful free-lance business providing video production, web design, graphic design for print, photography and consulting.

In my free time I’m a musician, artist, explorer, adventurer, science buff, documentarian, sports enthusiast, and observer of human nature. I love animals, history, reading, movies, and creative expression. I’m a sometimes reluctant optimist – but always happy to be living life on our fascinating planet.

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